Smart Office

Smart Offices

Each Smart Office space is designed as a plug-and-play concept equipped with modern finished facilities and services.

Located in Zillenium owned and managed Lapal House, Smart Offices are the best solution for the businessman desiring a workspace without distractions and megafinance hassles

It goes without saying that a key element you surely need to grow your business fast to the next level is a work place that fosters productivity, certainty and perfect collaboration.
A peaceful, organized office that can allow your brain to work at its optimum. An office environment that inspires imagination and creativity


  • Office Suites
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Backup Power
  • Daily Cleaning

  • 24 hours Security

  • Intercom Available
  • 24 hours Security

  • Private Security
  • Plug and Play Office Suites
  • Fluent, well-trained receptionist

  • Plug and Play Office Suites

  • Fluent, well-trained receptionist

  • Readily available Cleaning Staff

A Smart Office provides hitch free, productive environment, with 24/7 electricity work place to allow you and your team focus on your business tasks and ultimately your business goals?

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Project Details

  • Location : Lapal House
  • Budgets : N8,000,000 / 20sqm
  • Complete Date : 03/04/2023
  • Client Name : Zillenium Owned
  • Tenure : 15 years